Black&Decker 6.5-Quart Multicooker review

bd-multicookerThe amazing design sense, creativity and simplicity is what makes the Black+Decker 6.5 Quart Multicooker stand out against its competition. This product can carry out multiple varieties of cooking job and as per customer’s reviews; it is very effective in all of them. But the million dollar question is, why customers should buy this product for $130, when they have an option to buy cheaper alternatives which claim to be equally good.

This Black & Decker multicooker claims to be very effective in 3 basic kitchen tasks – slow cooking, sear/sauté and roast/bake. Out of all three, we got best result with Roast/bake and we can easily say, for roast/bake this product is a superior option in comparison to its competition. We found this product to be equally useful for slow cooking and sear/sauté jobs as compared to the traditional multicooker models.

We must mention here that the baking experience was not as enjoyable in Black & Decker Multicooker as compared to other tasks. The biggest problem was finding a sheet/pan that could easily fit in to the cooker. We baked numerous items in this cooker, the result was outstanding each time. But for a product priced at $130, the company should provide a right size baking pan with the product.

Talking about drawback, there are two things that we must mention. The cooker does not come with an in-built timer and the slow roast function could have been made better. Now, keeping in mind the price of product which is just above $100, these drawbacks are completely avoidable.

Having a multicooker in your kitchen is sure to add more value to your cooking experience. Most models are very convenient to operate, helps you save a lot of time and while occupying very less space on your counter, gives numerous cooking options.

This multicooker from black and decker helps you avoid turning on the full-size oven every now and then for small cooking jobs. But for a price of $130, it is bit expensive for this product range. There are cheaper models from brands like instantpot and Panasonic, which perform better or at least equally good.

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