How to Choose a best cordless drill for your home.

cordless-drill-sample1A cordless drill is a very essential tool for people looking to get minor/major home improvement work done. In last few years it has become a must have tool for DIY enthusiast. With this tool you can easily execute tasks like hanging curtains, fixing door handles, installing shelves of for drilling holes for hanging paintings on wall. People who have gone to big stores like wal-mart or Home depot to buy a cordless drill will agree that it is a very confusing experience as there are more than 30-40 models to choose from.
In this product segment there has been a lot of innovation is past 7-10 years, the new generation models carry more punch, have better performance and give more run time per charge. The drills are now smaller in size and low in weight, the best selling models feature ergonomic design which helps to keep the drill stable and pointed to the target area. Lighter the drill, the less pressure it will put on your wrist while working for longer durations.
One big improvement in this product segment has come in form of lithium ion batteries. These batteries are very light in weight and can hold charge for up to 18 months. Due to their light weight, the manufacturers are able to reduce the overall bulk of the drill. As compared to NiCad batteries, the lithium-ion takes less time to charge and provide more run time.
How to choose a perfect drill for your needs?
When buying this tool you should compare various models keeping in mind following points – Size, Torque, Speed, Batteries and Clutch.

Size – The size of cordless drills available in market today is way smaller than what we had 2-3 years ago. Most current models have weight of around 4-5 pounds which is very less as compared to NiCad battery powered cordless drills which were very prevalent few years ago. The new models are equipped with LED lights which help you to work in dark areas with ease. The compact size of this tool allows you to easily operate in tight areas single handedly. With small size and low weight, carrying this drill has become easier.
Torque – The power of a cordless drill is calculated in inch-pounds and it tells you about how much rotating force a particular unit can produce. Many people confuse power with the battery voltage of a cordless drill. With power ratings, you get a parameter to compare various drill models. Before buying a unit, you should analyze the type of jobs that you will be doing with this product. With this analysis you will have an idea about the power requirement. If you are buying this tool for home use, you are not required to spend too much money on buying a more powerful variant. On the other hand, if you are buying this tool for construction or remodeling jobs, then you should go with a model which produces about 300-400 inch/lbs of torque. The torque details are available on the packaging of the;=P
product, if you can’t find it there, head to the brand’s website or search on websites like amazon.
Speed – The new age cordless drill models usually come with two speed settings. These settings are added to this tool to make them more versatile and allow the operator to undertake multiple varieties of drilling and driving jobs. The low speed settings are useful for tasks which require more precision (driving larges screws) or when you have to drill large holes. On the other hand fast speed is used when you have to drill small holes. It is always advisable to start with lower speed setting and move to higher speed only when you gain confidence and have complete control over the tool. Although, you can still buy models which come with only one speed setting, but it will make tool useless for many drilling/diving jobs.
Batteries – Earlier mostly all cordless drill models featured NiCad batteries, few years later nickel-metal hydride batteries became more popular because they were more environment friendly. But lately, lithium-ion cordless batteries have taken the cordless drill market by a storm. These are the same batteries which are used on our mobile phones. Extremely low weight, fast charging, more run time per charge and ability to retain charge for more than a year are some of the reasons why lithium ion batteries are so popular. Earlier the drills powered by these batteries were expensive as compared to other models, which motivate people to choose the NiCad alternatives, but now the prices have reduced drastically and you can buy a good li-ion drill for as low as $70. A list of best selling 20v cordless drills can be found on this blog from
Apart from improvisation in batteries, the chargers have also gone energy efficient. Some of the new chargers are powerful enough to completely charge batteries in just 30-40 minutes. Although, most projects won’t require you to charge your drill battery for more than once, but for larger tasks you must keep two fully charged batteries. While you work with one battery, you can fast charge the other one.
Clutch Settings – As you shop for a new cordless drill, you will come across various models which have multiple clutch settings. The job of a clutch is to prevent the chuck from turning when it is faced with certain level of resistance. This is an important feature as it reduces the chance of destroying screw heads during fastening/unfastening jobs. Most drills come with 18-20 clutch settings that provide you with unmatched control and precision.

Choosing Energy Efficient Air Conditioner For Home

air-conditioner-image1If you are out in the market to buy a new air conditioner for your home, it is very easy to get overwhelmed (and confused) about the amount of choices available in market. The biggest problem is most of us do not know what to look for in an air conditioner. Because air conditioning units consumer a lot of electricity, you must be very cautious about which model you are choosing. Buying a cheaper variant which consume a lot of power could leave a big hole in your pocket in long run.

Important things to look for before buying an air conditioner –

  • Effective – The AC should be effective enough to provide sufficient cooling to the room. Before purchase you must inquire whether the air conditioner unit is sufficient for your room size. If you have a bigger room, you must go for a bigger unit.
  • Energy Rating – Different models come with different energy rating. Products with better ratings are expensive than others, but at the same time consume very less power. If you can afford to buy a unit with highest energy rating, you must do that, Otherwise you can choose units with slightly lower ratings.
  • Power Saver options – Some units come with power saver or economy mode. You can use this mode when only a decent amount of cooling is required. Using this option wisely can help you save a lot of money.
  • Timer – Before zeroing down on any particular model, make sure it comes with a timer setting. This way you will be able to program the unit to automatically shut off after few hours. Most people set a timer on air conditioner before sleeping at night, so that it automatically shuts down after 4-5 hours.
  • Warranty – Do compare the warranty options of different models. Air conditioner repair could be expensive, it will be economical for you to buy a model which comes with long warranty cover.

As a consumer, when buying air conditioner, you will want to have a model which offers extra ordinary performance, offer better energy efficiency and at the same time is not too expensive to buy. Using energy efficient models not only help you save money in long run, they are also good for the environment.

In any given country if most people buy air conditioners compliant with energy standards, not only the economy can save millions in dollars, there will be massive reduction in green house emissions.

Black&Decker 6.5-Quart Multicooker review

bd-multicookerThe amazing design sense, creativity and simplicity is what makes the Black+Decker 6.5 Quart Multicooker stand out against its competition. This product can carry out multiple varieties of cooking job and as per customer’s reviews; it is very effective in all of them. But the million dollar question is, why customers should buy this product for $130, when they have an option to buy cheaper alternatives which claim to be equally good.

This Black & Decker multicooker claims to be very effective in 3 basic kitchen tasks – slow cooking, sear/sauté and roast/bake. Out of all three, we got best result with Roast/bake and we can easily say, for roast/bake this product is a superior option in comparison to its competition. We found this product to be equally useful for slow cooking and sear/sauté jobs as compared to the traditional multicooker models.

We must mention here that the baking experience was not as enjoyable in Black & Decker Multicooker as compared to other tasks. The biggest problem was finding a sheet/pan that could easily fit in to the cooker. We baked numerous items in this cooker, the result was outstanding each time. But for a product priced at $130, the company should provide a right size baking pan with the product.

Talking about drawback, there are two things that we must mention. The cooker does not come with an in-built timer and the slow roast function could have been made better. Now, keeping in mind the price of product which is just above $100, these drawbacks are completely avoidable.

Having a multicooker in your kitchen is sure to add more value to your cooking experience. Most models are very convenient to operate, helps you save a lot of time and while occupying very less space on your counter, gives numerous cooking options.

This multicooker from black and decker helps you avoid turning on the full-size oven every now and then for small cooking jobs. But for a price of $130, it is bit expensive for this product range. There are cheaper models from brands like instantpot and Panasonic, which perform better or at least equally good.